Andrea Jaeger’s Little Star Foundation on Frontline to Help Children Amidst Covid-19 Surge

Andrea Jaeger

September 1, 2021

Andrea Jaeger's Little Star Foundation on Frontline to Help Children Amidst Covid-19 Surge

Covid-19’s latest variant mutated, which has placed the nation’s children in the crosshairs of the pandemic’s effects. Former tennis prodigy, Andrea JaegerĀ  non-profit organization, Little Stars Foundation, has turned its attention to assisting the children and families of children that have contracted the disease.

This latest variant and the resultant infections are being termed, “the pandemic of the unvaccinated,” and since children under the age of 12-years old are ineligible for the vaccine, the end result is the country is seeing more and more of its pediatric ICU beds filled beyond capacity.

One former sports star, Andrea Jaeger, the teenage tennis prodigy that won hearts and fans and made it her life’s mission to help children, families, and communities in need is lending in the help against Covid-19.

For decades, Little Star Foundation, her charitable organization set up to improve the lives of children with cancer and their families, and when Covid-19 hit she did not shutter her doors or take a sabbatical when the country needed her foundation’s services the most.

Little Star Foundation, an award-winning group that has been helping critically ill children for almost 40-years. Focusing on children suffering from cancer, Little Star Foundation has expanded their services to meet the challenges of this new turn in the pandemic.

Leveraging its essential business functions used to help children suffering from cancer is shifting focus to assist an already overwhelmed healthcare system. The group has identified critical supply and services needed to fight this latest outbreak.

“Every PPE and support I have helped provide to hospitals, ERs, front line workers, medical teams, and teachers and families around the country are provided free of charge to those in need,” said the group’s founder, Andrea Jaeger.

Beyond providing personal protection equipment, to help stem the tide of this highly infectious disease, Andrea Jaeger’s Little Star Foundation also extends financial support and prayers to the families fighting this challenge, and all resources and services are delivered completely free of charge.

Andrea Jaeger believes in community and had devoted the last decades to help reinforce the sense of community that often frays under the pressure of critical illness. Whether helping with children with cancer or helping them should they get Covid in this scary, new environment, Little Star Foundation is standing by to help in any way they can until the disease is finally gotten under control.