Eternal Friendship and Happy Holidays

Andrea Jaeger

December 22, 2022

Your Example” and “Eternal Friendship

These “what it is” like reflections, heartfelt words and bigger picture thoughts are for you and for anyone who can use their spirit lifted on making a difference and enjoying being part of Little Star Foundation’s inspired community.

For the Holiday Spirit and to bring Holiday Cheer, if you are interested in articles I write for free, here is a December published article I wrote, called “Eternal Friendship.” The magazine Journal was impressed and appreciative after seeing my first one last month and asked me to write a series. In their gratitude, they are providing Little Star Foundation ads for free in their magazine journals.

Little Star Foundation News: It is important to share with you “what it is like,” thank you’s, thoughtful sharings and program participants, graduates and Ambassadors news. Anytime you give of your heart, your treasure, time and talent, it is appreciated and why Little Star Foundation is able to continue providing life enhancing, life long and even life saving programs.

Just around the corner: Little Star Foundation will be opening a research and development program for you to receive updates on a weekly basis starting in 2023. The updates will be different because you will be able to “hear from” rather than only read interesting, compelling, and fascinating stories. You will probably recognize a few of the people included in those updates.

In order to confirm the best email contact please reply to this email with a “Confirmed,” or anything else you would like to share. I always enjoy hearing from you. I know a few of you don’t have an email address. That is ok. Please, provide your current cell phone number as we can still get you these new and exciting updates via phone contact. In caring for the trees and environment, we will not be mailing weekly updates via postal delivery mail.

At Little Star Foundation, your information is handled with the utmost respect. We care about you and whether you know us for one day, for all 37 years or anytime between, we consider you family. We never sell your contact information, and we make sure to respect your email box and mailbox. How you receive special news and how you keep us in your hearts and thoughts is hugely important.

As many of you know, Little Star Foundation has for 37 years operated daily, year-round; during holidays, covid and other turbulent times included, throughout the United States and globally, educational and therapeutic programs, financial assistance and much more.

The cost of food, utilities, school clothes, gas, medicine and daily life has dramatically increased. For families caring for a child with cancer, times are especially tough. Monthly, Little Star Foundation provides thousands of free meals to families, same for educational, therapeutic and financial help improving the quality of daily life and providing long term and emergency care. In the recent Winter “Your Example” news, both of Aurora’s parents are on unpaid leave as they try to manage their daughter’s relapse from cancer with treatments in two different hospitals. Most of the families have similar stories. Every March in our annual report, at that time, we do list specific numbers of participants reached, but rarely will you ever see that in the general news. Countless children with cancer from our beginning days and continually share “I hate being a number on a hospital door and hearing me referred to as patient number…” They read “Your Example” news too.

When I was a teenage kid on the professional tennis circuit over 40 years ago, I took action on my own to help children with cancer and children in hospitals, schools and street corners, (runaways). Since then, Little Star Foundation’s passionate team and I continue award winning programs, research, efforts and action to make the world better and brighter for children with cancer and children in hospitals, schools, shelters and orphanages. I am in for the lifelong haul. For however long you choose to bless Little Star Foundation with amazing you, all of us at Little Star Foundation, children and families, thank you. May your life be filled with blessings this Holiday Season and always.

Your teammate in helping make the world a better and brighter place, especially for children with cancer and children in hospitals, schools, shelters and orphanages, and humanity in general,

Andrea Jaeger
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